About SLINKi

At SLINKi we are on a mission to Set your Hands Free!

Our Cross Body Phone Chains are not only comfortable, high quality and the perfect, stylish accessory - they are also the answer to some of the more frustrating aspects of managing our day to day lives from our phones.

Phones have become our PAs. Constantly by our side,  scheduling meetings, arranging nights out and traveling with us every step of the way as we ask them to capture and document our stories. Until they are not .....! Dropped, lost, left behind or - worst of all - stolen.  

Cross Body Phone Chains mean that you can keep your phone safely with you whenever you want. No more rooting through your bag! No more hoping it's not on silent when you can't find it! No more bags of rice when you drop it in water!  The list really does go on!

SLINKi's have been designed and manufactured to be durable and keep up with your lifestyle. Whether that's at work, out running errands, walking the dog, attending an event - all you need is your SLINKI.

Each SLINKi you buy will come with it's own connecting patch which slots between your phone and phone case, meaning they are compatible with any phone model.

So free your hands. Let hands be for holding iced drinks on the beach this summer, for waving in the air at a concert or for holding other hands.

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If you have any questions, you can email us at info@slinki.co.uk